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Another way of search engine optimization can be done through article writing and this will drive traffic to the website. We should just be sure that the articles that we have are optimized and is interesting to read. A great skill and talent should be used to write your articles that will be put in the web site and you should take time in writing the articles to get more traffic to the web site. Articles should also be appealing to the readers as well as in the search engines. Article writing is not an easy task because the life of the web site is with the body and the articles are the center of the web site. They should be interesting enough to delight the potential readers.

In writing articles, some tips are listed below for further help.

  • There should be an outline created to write the article. There should be a headline, introduction, body, conclusion and resource box.
  • The headline should be appealing to the readers for the reader to be delighted and want to continue reading.
  • Introduction should have the introduction of the problem or the main topic that you will write
  • The body should discuss the solutions and explanations to the problem and topic.
  • Conclusion includes the brief summary of the article and a call to action for the readers
  • The resource box is where you include a little about yourself and the business that you have and give the link to the site.
  • Write in your own style and pretend that you are talking to the reader.
  • Take a break after writing and check your work after a few hours to check for mistakes
  • Check for spelling grammars and spelling errors to make sure that the article is flawless.


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