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Bookmarking is one of the best traffic-boosting search engine optimization (SEO) strategies because it’s easy and very effective way of internet marketing strategy even for website services for small business or huge company all over the world, that is why most companies are using these strategies to promote their professional web page design and especially their products and services online.

Professional SEO specialist told that bookmarking is a great way of gaining tremendous amount of traffic in the Internet. The idea of bookmarking is very simple; post links of your professional web page design on popular social bookmarking site to increase your own website traffic and successful ongoing of new readers and customers everyday. Social bookmarking introduces site to others with applicable properties, drive traffic to your web site, and give valuable backlinks.

Social bookmarking can introduce a website to the search engines, people may find and bookmark a professional web page design or a site’s internal pages. Here are some ways on monitoring social bookmarking sites and help search engines in multiple ways by:

  • Faster indexing of professional website. Users bookmark sites before a search engine crawler can find them.
  • Wide Indexing. Every page of your website can be bookmark and view faster by users/customers.
  • Relevancy and Quality. If users find a page relevant and helpful they will bookmark that page. This give traffic to the site.
  • Votes of pages. Similar to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the more likes the better. In bookmarking, the more vote’s the better traffic it gives to the website.
  • Categorization. It helps the search engines to define the subject of the site content.

Most social bookmarking sites gives good social traffic and pass link juice, while some social bookmarking sites uses the NoFollow attribute. Even tough, do not let the use of NoFollow fool you, the search engines are looking beyond the incoming links from social media sites and still indicates the value to their search indexes.


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