Mobile As an Attribute of Everything You Do

Mobile is not a mysterious layer that sits on top of your other business activities – rather, it is an attribute of those activities. This is arguably the most important and profound shift away from how e-commerce companies are thinking about mobile today.

The most compelling application of this idea is in the area of user experience. Instead of considering the mobile user experience as a separate entity to the desktop user experience – governed by different rules, content and business logic – consider the mobile user experience as an attribute of the existing user experience. The goal is for customers to be able to see all the same content and use all the same features on their mobile device as they can on a desktop computer.

Consider Mobile As an Attribute of Everything You Do

However, most email templates are designed only for large screens, so they typically offer a poor mobile user experience. To overcome this, many companies have started creating email templates that adapt to all screen sizes. The flexibility of responsive web design to the email template means that a good mobile experience is simply one attribute of the overall success of the email marketing campaign.

Flexibility of Responsive Web Design

Companies that have implemented responsive web design have already shown a 10-20% increase in click through rate.


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