Effective Ways To Increase Mobile App Reviews

Mobile AppWithout exception, all developers wants their app reviewed on popular blogs, as its probably one of the best way to gain more exposure and get more downloads. The impression of viewers or audiences’ play a major role in people’s purchasing (downloading) decisions, whether the opinions are about hotels, restaurants, movies, or apps. With respect to apps, impressions and reviews also affect how visible they will show in the app store search results and how likely they will be featured on the app store. Mobile app reviews just don’t happen by themselves, you shouldn’t expect waves of people to head back to the app store to write review of your app. In reality, most people who will do write reviews on you app are the ones who have really bad experience with you app.

So how can your mobile app get more positive reviews?

Mobile app development itself is highly complex, time-consuming process. It is then another struggle to get your app approved by app stores, each of which has its own pros and cons. Competition is high everywhere and it is very important that you create a great pitch, if you want to get impressive reviews for your app. How do you go about doing this? The best way is to submit your app for review.

Here are some proper ways to submit your mobile app for a review:

Add all  necessary information. It’s important that you provide all information such as app name, description, features, company name, your contact information and link to the app store page; on your mobile app before submitting it for a review.

App description. A winning app description is a great pitch itself. Be precise with your app description, it should clearly mentioned what category your app belongs (for instance, “games”, “entertainment”, “lifestyle”, “travel”, “book”) and describe or provide why it is interesting and unique to other apps.

Take your time. Polish up your app well and present it beautifully to publishers, so that they are encouraged to go try it. This will also increase the chances of them giving your app positive reviews.

Mobile App Website. Create a website for your mobile app. Include all your app information, along with photos and videos of your app. This will give it a touch of professionalism, and also giving the app reviewer the impression that you are truly serious with your work. Include videos of your app, showing all the accomplishment of your app. Sometimes app reviewers prefer to take a look at an app video instead of actually downloading and testing it.

According to consumer behavior analysis, most buyers read product reviews before purchasing it. If that’s the case, a mobile app have the advantage to get more download if it has more positive reviews.

To help your mobile app get more positive reviews, here are some guides you can do:

Use an App Review Plugin. The quickest and easiest way to get an mobile app review from someone is to ask them to do it within your app.

Reward Users to Review your App. Give your users a reward when then review your app. It’s an easy and powerful incentive to reward your users if they do choose to review your app. Users love free stuffs, and it might give your mobile app a positive review.

Provide Direct Support to your Users. The best way to gain a good app review is to provide exceptional customer services. It’s common for apps to have a “Send Feedback” button.  As the developer, you should also read feedback’s about your app. This will give you more information on what your users want more and what are the things they don’t like. If possible, grant one or at least two users suggestions.

Proper Time to Prompt for App Review. It’s a good way to remind users to leave a review, but make sure to time it properly. Many apps make mistakes of asking for reviews upon the user launching the app. This makes poor user experience, and user will less likely to leave a review. A good way to ask for a review is when your user has completed something within your app or finished with some task. Prompting for a review when users are feeling good about your mobile app makes it a win-win situation for both user and app developer.

User ratings and rankings are equally important for an app as professional reviews. Good reviews and ratings in an app store help drive organic rankings for your app. Getting app reviews is a marketing strategy that you should planned before you launch your mobile app and you should continue until your app is running. Remember that the key to a successful app is a top quality functional app, not just what it looks, and cool rewards for leaving feedback.


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