Personalizing Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A very effective internet marketing method used by successful email marketing is to personalize the e-mail message. This personalization can take many in forms. One way to personalize a letter e-mail is to use the logo of the recipient’s organization or website. The purpose of a personal image is to provide a familiar frame of reference of the most convincing way possible, which causes the recipient to understand and feels more comfortable, which is towards greater acceptance.

Personalization can also be a subject line including information which refers stated preferences of the customer segment that you are marketing. You can refer to recent transactions on behalf of clients by recommending complementary products for purchase. You can also integrate maps and directions to the nearest store or facility. You can refer to important dates such as the expiration date. Personalization works because subscribers feel like they already have a relationship and dialogue is a conversation one-on-one. The goal is to feel real and not fake.The more you personalize your email marketing campaign with the information in its database; it becomes increasingly important to have the correct data. Data errors may damage the campaign showing how badly you know the recipient rather than good. Always have default information to substitute in case of missing data. Let Techie Group Inc. assists you with your email marketing through their vast search engine optimization expertise.

Here are some tips to consider in personalizing your email:

  1. Personalize the subject line and body with the first name of your subscriber.
  2. Stick to text emails that have higher deliver-ability rate than HTML ones.
  3. Keep your email short and precise because fewer people these days have the time to read some long emails that keeps several hours to read.
  4. Test your email message before sending it to your subscribers.
  5. Send highly targeted offers to subscribers.


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