Improve Yourself: Gain More Quality Working Time

QualityWorkOne of the worst treat that is happening to most employees at work is to go through it feeling distracted because of a problem, not on the business but on personal problems. Political problems, personal issues and tensions in your relationships can reduce your motivation. This is unacceptable at all considering that you don’t want your work status to combine to your problems. Even highly professional employees or even your boss does have this kind of problems to deal with. To get rid of this kind of problems, here are some guides to hopefully help employees prevent losing quality time working.

Point of View

How can I work better? Every person have their own ways to stay focus working and make every minute of it valuable and effective.

Are you the person who sees things like a bottle half-empty rather than half-full? If you are that person, chances are what draws you into your mind manifests , chances are what gets you into your mind manifests greatly in your actions. You can therefore want to do a bit of positioning on the way you think  by trying to look at the positive side of things.

Well, I’m no new-age believer neither into anything spiritual but I absolutely do agree that the things you think about seem to turn into the situations you find yourself in. So, to make it simple, if you want to change your situation, you better change your way of thinking.

Plan for Success

According to Henry Hartman, “Success is when preparation meets opportunity“. What you done before you even arrive at work will probably influence how your day will go.

A person with a habit and have managed routine everyday will have a great advantage of making his or her working time more efficient and effective. Here are some ways that may help you start your day better and less distracted.

  • Pray for protection, enlightenment and blessing.
  • Exercise. Physical is also a big factor on working same as you mental state.
  • Plan for the day. It’s much easier to work when you know what to do next after you’ve done a task.
  • Execute. Planning is worthless unless you execute it.
  • Relate with my family. Gain more courage and determination to work hard by thinking of good things that you can give to them when you done your work properly and effectively.
  • Read. You could learn a new things everyday by reading. This helps you think new ideas, get more information and experience.
  • Pray and offer thanksgiving. Whatever happens to your day, good or bad, you still need to thank him for surviving another day of hard working.
  • Sleep at least seven hours. Fact, you can’t think properly when your sleepy.

Anything Can Happen and you need to be Ready

The fact that you’ve done the right amount of preparation, wheeling and dealing, and even divine intervention cannot remove that bad things can still happen at work as well as in our lives. Likely, it will only matters on how you respond to these things when they do happen.

Unfortunately, these negative events are very difficult to understand at some point in your career, you’ll encounter horrible bosses and co-workers who will do anything just to get ahead. This can affect your self-image and self-worth when not handled properly and emotionally. Rather than ask; “Why is this happening? or What did I done wrong to them?“, you should just rather ask yourself, “What can I learn from this occasion or event?“, make it a good lesson to learn from and approach it positively, more productive and beneficial to your mental health.

Everything happens for a reason and if you took into it, you can become a better person. There are many obstacle on your way to success, and you’re the only one who has the choice to have a great attitude that nobody or no circumstances can take away from you.


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