Increase Traffic To Your Website Using LinkedIn

MoreTrafficOnLinkedInInternet marketers usually focus on two important things to gain success; traffic and conversions. Competitions is high this days, trying to build solid company on competitive industry is hard and big challenge for Web Developers, SEO Specialist and Internet marketers’. So how do you capture the prized attention and fans to visit your website to gain traffic and acquire potential customer or client?

One of the best social network and often overlooked traffic sources online is LinkedIn.  Compared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other site used in social media marketing; LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. LinkedIn is a growing site and over 200 million people are active users and still gaining popularity. LinkedIn lets a user build his or her professional identity online, you can also discover professional opportunities, business deals and give you the latest news, inspiration, and insights you need. This site is a great place to acquire potential business client.  The trick is getting them to your website.

Here are some tips to drive more traffic to your website using LinkedIn:

Creating a profile. When creating a LinkedIn profile page, you should consider to think that all users of LinkedIn are professionals. Make a killer profile, engaging to other users. It doesn’t take a lot of research to realize that human eye is drawn to attractive things. It means that, the better looking your LinkedIn profile is, the more qualified you’ll appear to other LinkedIn users and the more interested people will be to visit your website.

More connections, more traffic, more potential clients. A good LinkedIn profile has a lot of “1st degree” connections, this are the people you accept as a friend or LinkedIn called it connection(s). More connections gives you more clicks and traffic to your site simply because your connections will likely visit your site and your updates, the more views you’ll receive the more traffic you gain and possibility to acquire new customers or clients.

Consistent status update. You’ll see direct connection between your LinkedIn activity and traffic to your website using status updates with links to your site. Compared to Facebook and Twitter; LinkedIn gains more impression to other users. So the more content you share, the more opportunity that people will interact with it and engage with it. Your goal is to update your status once or twice a day, or more if it makes sense for your business website and products or services. When posting status updates, consider to add a link on your content going to your website.

Creating and joining groups in LinkedIn. One of the best places to share articles or links of your website is within groups. Joining on groups that are related to your website business or brand is a great way to get you more closer to potential customers or clients.  Also look for groups  with large number of members, the more members the more targeted audience you can acquire and make them be engaging with and direct back to your website.  For business owners, creating a group should be a top priority. Creating a group builds you an audience inside of LinkedIn and send a message to that targeted audience each week. Sending them useful and helpful resources and article on your website. This can gain trust an loyalty to your group members and can also drive traffic as well.

Use blog application. You should add the blog app to your profile. This will display the most recent blog or article from your webpage blog, directly on your LinkedIn profile. This will makes your profile look more advanced and it gives viewers a reason to go visit your website to read your blogs or articles.

LinkedIn is considered as one of the best social media site that Internet marketers and SEO specialist used to advertise their business products and services, and also a way to gain website traffic and acquiring potential clients.


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