Learn How To Increase Your Ads’ Click-through Rate

Click-through Rate

Click-through rate (CTR) is the process of measuring the success of an online advertisement. It’s the course of determining the effectiveness of an email campaign or promotion of a website by the number of users that clicked on a specific link.

The goal of click-though rate is to acquire your customers’ basic response to a website.  Professional marketers want to know the reaction of the web visitor. On today’s technology, it is nearly impossible to fully estimate the emotional feedback to the site and the outcome of that site on the company’s brand. Click-through rate is the piece of that information that is easily can acquire. Click-through rate measures the capacity of visitors who begun action with respect to an advertisement that averted them to another page where they  might buy an item or learn more about a particular products or services.

Here are some tips to increase your Ads’ click-through  rates. Ads are short, make it worth it and get clicked. Work on the following:

  • Headlines which contains 25 characters
  • Two lines of copy that contains 35 characters each (70 characters total)
  • A display URL

To succeed on your ads, you must be briefly informative, There are plenty of other rules you can follow to make more effective ads. Here are some guides to make your ads more effective:

Domain name. Your domain name is located at the end of every search ads. You can use either the long pattern with a prior “www” (example, “www.techiegrp.com“) or short pattern that exclude the prefix (“techiegrp.com“).

Offer something for free. Most of people like it free. Including the word “free” still seems to work. Ads with this word performed better than ads without it.

Ampersands. Space is tight with paid search ads. Make use of ampersands so that you can save character or two. It also increases the average advertiser’s click-through rate.

Hide your price. Professional marketers includes the price in their ads assuming that they’ll avoid unnecessary clicks from those who are looking for either higher or lower price offering. Yes, this will work and will save you money but your ads will lower their click-through rate, so it’s also recommended not to include your price on your ads.

Value all the spaces that have been granted for you to use. Occasionally, you might not need a lot of space to say what you want to say to your targeted audience, but it doesn’t mean to just put what you just wanted to place in your ads. Remember that your advertising to get customers, give your audience the information that they deserve. Users want to know more information, so you must definitely use all available space in your ads.


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