Optimizing Your Video For Search Engines

OptimizingVideoIncreasing popularity of videos this days makes it perfect for marketers to use video marketing as one of the most effective marketing strategy. This is a big deal in marketing industries, that it has been a necessity strategy for most businesses to still compete with other companies. But it doesn’t mean that if your using video marketing you’ll be instantly popular, or you’ll get more visits on your site, or you will instantly acquire customers. You will not immediately see the results of using video marketing especially if your videos are not well optimized for search engines. Many website owners believe that simply filming or creating a video clip and posting it to YouTube constitutes good video marketing. Unfortunately, they are wrong and they are missing out on major opportunities to increase the number of views that their videos receive and the website traffic they generate through implementing a few simple search engine optimization strategies. Their loss can be your gain, so consider to properly optimized your videos for the major search engines. To make your video marketing campaigns effective and in order to get your video seen by the most people possible,  you should pay attention on this critical elements of video search engine optimization. Here are some important tips on optimizing you videos for search engines:

  • Engaging Video Content. Making a video content informative, helpful, interesting and engaging is the best way you can do to optimize search engine results. When you post videos that helps people solve problems, guide them for a specific subject (“Video Tutorials”) or entertain them, you increase the likelihood that viewers will want to share your videos with others. As your videos are shared more and seen more, your video increase its ranking on search engine. Increasing ranking on YouTube’s internal search results has also a good effects other search engines and possible to also gain rank points on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Also, you’ll also earn more backlinks pointing at your video content and your website.
  • Put Your Videos on YouTube. Although YouTube isn’t the only option in video distribution, it’s hard to deny that YouTube is second largest search engine behind Google. Create a branded YouTube channel and post your videos there to tap into the site’s organic traffic. Even if you don’t rank high on Google search engine, your YouTube can make you more visible in Google universal search engine if your videos are on top spots and popular on YouTube. It means that if your popular and attractive in YouTube, you can also be more often seen in Google universal search engine.
  • Video Sitemaps. Using a sitemap will essentially gives Google information about your video content on your site. Search engines often display video clips along with text pages, your videos will show up in the results more often if you incorporate target keywords into your videos. Consider adding target keywords in as many of the following locations on the video upload page as make sense for your particular video clip; “Metadata“, such as titles, descriptions and tags can help search engine crawl your videos for search queries. Also consider listing your full URL as the first line of your video description.
  • Socially Attentive. Be social and interact with your targeted audience. Instead of simply posting a video and hoping that people will find and watch it, take a more productive approach. Promote your videos to your social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Also, share your video clips on other video sites. It’s true that YouTube is enough to increase your popularity, but will it hurt you if you post your clips on other video sites? No, it’s actually an extra points for you, this will increase the total number of video backlinks pointing to your site and can improve overall exposure for your video content. Vimeo, Viddler, BuzzNet, TubeSurf, Yahoo! Video and Google Video are video site that you can put your clips. Submitting your video clips to these sites will require extra effort and time to create accounts and set up your videos for each one. But it will be worth it and your efforts will ideally be rewarded. The more views, the more possibility people share and leave comments on those videos, the more it can factor into search results.

Although video isn’t new to the web, many marketers and businesses still fails to make the effective use of tools and social networks that will take their video clips and SEO results to the next stage of success. Investing time, effort and money in boosting your SEO campaigns, consider using video marketing as one of your major strategy.


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