Perfect Time to Email Your Subscribers

SubsciberOne of the most complicated questions you must answer when you start an email marketing campaign is when to actually send emails. Inappropriate e-mail campaigns will prevent the success from the start no matter how many tests you do. For this reason and to ensure that e-mails sent at appropriate times is very important in the planning of your newsletter marketing strategy. Techie Group Inc a Web Development Company can provide greater information on the perfect time to send out emails.

If you want to be sure that the best time to send e-mail, you must follow these simple tips:

  • Check out when most of your subscribers are online – go to your traffic logs and find out when your website is the busiest and find out when most people joined your list. If you can find a pattern on where they joined a particular day, including the time range, that would probably be the best time to send out emails. If you have global subscribers, try to know their time zones and find the information regarding when to send emails.
  • Track your results – The fact that traffic records and statistics suggest that the answer to most people joined in his lunch hour does not mean that noon is the best time to send an e-mail. Instead, it is possible that your list is more sensitive later in the evening after returning from work and the family sleeps. Or you can find that are more receptive to what you offer for the first time in the morning. The point is, when you find out if your audience is online now serves as a starting point but ultimately, you should test your list to know when they are most susceptible. This means the creation of identical e-mail messages, share your list and send emails at different times of day.


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