Pinterest on Business Website: Worth It!

What is Pinterest?

It is a social media network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting or “pinning” images such as infographics and videos to their own user profile known as broads. Users also can browse what other users have pinned.

Pins can be almost anything. A infographics, website ad; its products and services, videos or even a quote. Pinterest can also be use as a bookmarking site for businesses. By pinning and adding the “Pin it button” to your site, people can drive traffic to your website.

Boards are where users collect and organize all their pins. Each board tells different interest of the user. Boards can also be followed by other users. This also helps users to connect with others through shared interests.

Pinterest has turn out to be one of the most effective social media sites for driving traffic to your website. Pinterest can be a bookmarking tool for SEO specialist. By creating a large number of boards with a lot of pins will attract users and gains the largest amount of traffic. By doing so, your Pinterest board will be a massive resources for your followers, convincing them to come back and share your pins or boards which will leads back to your website.

Pinterest on Business WebsitePinterest: A tool for your business website

Pinterest can be a tool for internet marketing for business website. Its unique way of presenting your business products and services have been effective for the last few years. It became so popular that it has been the third most popular social networking site after Facebook and LinkedIn and still continuing to gain popularity. The application is a visual-based tool that allows users to find images and videos and “pin” these multimedia collections on “boards”. This can help your business gain more audience and find new customers. There are over 70 million active users on Pinterest and 21% of online users are adults that can be a potential customer for your business.  Pinterest is a great site that provide traffic to your website, attract users to visit your site, gain new audience and possibly become a new customer. Pinterest has been effective internet marketing strategy. Here are some ways you can use Pinterest to effectively improve your business website.

  • Promote your company or business on Pinterest by creating a visual boards that shows your website products or services to attract audience.
  • Pinterest create opportunity to direct consumers, over 70 million users to your company’s main website. Take advantage of this by “pinning” interesting image or video that a user will be intrigue and will be attracted to.
  • Once you began to attract users for your business on Pinterest, it’s important to engage them. If someone pins or comments on content that you’ve pinned, make sure you reply to interact with your audience. Answering your audience questions, adding content and commenting with other users interests is a useful way of promoting your business website.

Pinterest is all about the image, so you definitely want your image to be as clear as possible and look as good as possible to other users and potential customers. Your image must be memorable to other users and it must be simple but interesting. Here are some ways to create and pin interesting images for your business.

  • Images should be clear, larger image means more quality viewing.
  • Make your image simple yet intriguing and attractive.
  • Make it sure that your content is relevant, valuable, engaging and visually clear.
  • Use meaningful file names for your images.
  • Make your pin board titles are catchy and be creative to entertain your audience.

Whatever goals your website pursue and the strategies you implement on Pinterest, there’s one foundation that should guide your social media marketing. Content that you shared and provide should benefit your current and potential customers. Pinterest lets businesses deliver that content in an easy format that leads to increased visibility and higher traffic figure.


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