SEO Complements Any Traffic Building Strategy


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SEO and other forms of traffic building aren’t mutually exclusive. An effective social media strategy can help you attract any number of natural links that are great for SEO. For instance, if you’re followed by an A-list blogger on Facebook, and you post a status update mentioning some article that you just wrote on your blog, she might check out the article and link to it from her blog. That has may have considerable Search Engine Optimization value. One link from a blog that Google highly respects can be worth dozens of links from smaller sites in the same niche.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of your website in a search engine. This will help your business to be well known. This also help your business grow faster by the help of SEO.

Ranking well in the search engines can also lower the cost and reduce the risk of buying traffic. Sites that rank well in Google for a particular keyword can often get away with lower bids in AdWords for that keyword. Furthermore, if you can get on the first page of Google, buying a Google ad gives you two spots on the same page: one in the organic search results, and another in the paid results. This might seem redundant, but having a second result on the page can increase the number of visitors to your site via search by 20%. Try doing a search on a highly popular brand name like Apple or Microsoft, and you’ll often see them the organic and paid results simultaneously.


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