SEO vs. Pay-Per-Click

When starting a new business and online advertising is a core strategy to be used, most entrepreneurs has concerns whether to use SEO (search engine optimization) or pay-per click advertising to drive traffic to their website. These are two of the most effective traffic sources and each has pros and cons that need to be considered.

SEOvsPPCSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website, it affects the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine results. These search results are often referred to as “organic results”, meaning they are natural (unpaid) results that the search engine shows.

SEO Pros:

Advertising using SEO is credible and gain a lot more exposure. When a website has a high page rank and shown on top of a search result by only using SEO, it is more visited and viewed as being more credible by some consumers as it was not paid for. Unpaid search results will generally receive more clicks than paid ads. With more visibility comes more clicks, conversions and a solid return on investment. Also a high quality SEO can reward you with more visibility on multiple search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO Cons:

When using SEO to advertise a website, you must give a lot of time into it and be patient. SEO can take various of months to produce and see the results, although when done properly it can result in consistent high-quality traffic and a great return on investment. SEO is also affected by an search engine algorithm update. It may cause a website to drop its rankings and causing months of work to get back on the industries competition. Luckily for SEO specialist, the Google Hummingbird update don’t affect SEO and will still be a great strategy to use on advertising.

Competition in online advertising in a particular industries is a great challenge, but hard in some ways when competing with bigger companies. Some industries and keywords have very stiff competition and you might be competing against a company with very deep pockets and resources. Nobody want to start a SEO campaign with the intention of going after the number 10 or 5 position, everyone wants that number-one spot.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an internet advertising used to direct traffic to a website, whereby the website owner pays a sum of money to the publisher when their website ad is clicked. It’s a great way to gain lots of visits and traffic to your website. It definitely worth spending when the results of PPC is showing up quickly and effectively by acquiring more customers or clients that purchase your business products or services. PPC is also defined as paid search marketing.

PPC Pros:

Using PPC advertising can gain you instant traffic to your website. You can have ads on top of search engine results almost immediately after setting up a campaign. You also have full control of your ad copy, the keywords that will trigger your ad and your website link that the visitor is sent to once they clicked your ad.

PPC ads allows you to occupy more space in the search engine results when your website appears both in the natural results and the paid results. This allows your page get more visitors and can gain you the possibility to gain more new customers. You also can set your PPC geographical locations where to be shown that will target your ideal customers. Also, search engine algorithm updates won’t affect PPC.

PPC Cons:

PPC is expensive and can make your business depleted budget if the campaign is not set up properly. Before purchasing PPC to advertise your website, be sure to have a concrete plan on you PPC campaigns to accomplish money well spent. One more reason why you need to plan for your PPC is, it requires extensive testing and a lot of learning and real world experience. This is the reason why many companies turn to digital marketing agencies to handle their pay-per-click management.

Even using PPC, you must still need to constantly optimize your campaigns. This is not a “buy-it, place-it and leave-it” process. PPC can acquire immediate results at great cost and can dominate the top paid search results, but must used properly so spending money for advertising is worth it.

So who should used SEO or PPC? What strategy to use for better result of investment? A combination of both can really work together, but it really comes down to your available budget and goals. It’s best that you should first research for your competitions in specific industry. Then research what’s best marketing strategy to be used in your company.


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