How to SEO your Website

SEOyourWebsiteSEO can make small businesses grow and get known and popular around it’s area of transactions, productions and services. Most company today uses SEO to their website to promote their products and services.

Search Engine Optimization is making your website look good to Google, Yahoo, Bing. By doing SEO on your page, your increasing the chances to make your site go up, on top of other websites. By ranking and being seen by visitors occasionally by searching specific/focus keywords, your company could get more costumers.  SEO helps business sites, blog sites, and other sites to get higher page rank.

There are many ways to SEO your website. But first of all, you must set up the following:

  • Google Analytics. It will be a waste of time if you don’t have Google Analytics or any Analytics software. You should be aware of your website whenever it is being visited by users. This will help you know where your site is mostly being linked to.
  • Google Webmaster Tools. This allows you to know if your page has an error. It allows you to know what keyword is prominent to your site and how fast your website load.
  • Google Local Business Center (Site Map) . This allows you to tell Google your phone number, address, what is your site is all about; like your products and services. Google will know you company location, and this will help your business. It’s a plus for Google to link your website or show your page to search engine when someone is looking for a product (let’s say, your site is a Coffee shop, and someone is looking for a coffee shop within the area that your company is located). Google will actually think that, that person is looking for a Coffee shop near on his/her place. The result would be is, Google might show your page on top of the search engine, depending on your page rank.

SEO Secrets:

Content is the king. Why?

  • Users/visitors want to learn new things. Create contents that is original.
  • They want to read useful contents. Make blogs on your site, and update it every day.
  • They will share your content/blog if they like it. Fresh content will definitely attract users/visitors and has a chance to share it to their own website or their social accounts.

Don’t trick Google!

  • Keyword Stuffing. This trick is one of the oldest spam. Search engines told you to use keywords you want to be found on your web pages. But not too much! When giving the same keywords over and over again makes no good page to Google. It actually get your website penalized.
  • Hidden Text. Making your text white or make it blend with a page’s background to hide all keyword stuffing is a violation. Don’t think that keyword stuffing will work by using hidden text tactics. Google do find this out, and Google don’t like it, you will have spammed a search engine.
  • Cloaking. How about more classy hiding. Rigging your website so that search engines are shown a different version that the human/visitors see. Search engines don’t like it, and this is one of the worst things you could do. Website can be banned for doing this.
  • Link Spam. Don’t just go to forums and blogs, then just drop links to your website. That’s not how to do SEO. You should interact with other people. What they want, what they need and what are they looking for.

Techie Group Inc. SEO Specialist does one more thing. We read Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you really want to be a good SEO Specialist, you need to follow the rules and make it a habit. Having a good content for the viewer/visitors will make your page rank go higher.


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