Tips To Make Your Facebook More Effective Marketing Strategy

Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook is one of the commonly used social media site on promoting a business website, and outstandingly effective mostly every time. Social media marketing is so effective this days for obvious reasons, its free, large number of people are social media users, you can use any kind of multimedia such as image, video, text, etc. on promoting your website and it’s easy to link your website. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn are the most effective social media site for marketing strategy.

When promoting your business website on Facebook, you should consider to make analytic report so that you’ll know if your campaigns are achieving its goals. Here are some tips to make your Facebook more effective in terms of internet marketing.

Test Run. Posting on Facebook in different time of a day.  Most companies or business post on Facebook only during business hours. Consider this, what if your constituents, clients, old customers, or potential customers are mostly abroad? Experiment and test by posting on your Facebook feed during different times throughout the day and night. Different test will point to different conclusions, but the truth is, result will vary depending on the kind of users your brand attracts. To ensure optimal engagement is through trial and error.

Your fans are your potential customers. Asking your fans for their input and actually act on their feedback on launching a new product or new design earns trust and it makes your fans more engage to your page. It will not only increase your fans loyalty but it also helps you to get a sense of what your fans wants.

Picture! Picture! Picture! Posting a picture last longer and its more memorable to your audience. More importantly, pictures are shared more rather that articles or blogs. Study showed that picture posts gains twice as much engagement as post with text or links. When posting text or links, you should add pictures like infographics to make it more engaging to your fans.

Earn more loyalty on your Facebook fans. Adding them onto your email list and giving fans an incentive to subscribe to your email list, can expend your loyalty points. Keep your Facebook content upbeat and fun, while saving more targeted marketing for your email campaigns.

Attract more users. Make your targeted audience want what your fans have. Creating a content that’s exclusive to your fans only. This could be special products information, newest products, interviews, menus, etc., whatever that fits in with your particular business. This will encourage visitors to like your page.

Showing off! Facebook milestones don’t just have to be about relationship updates or graduations. Highlights your company’s accomplishments, whether it’s an anniversary, meeting a fan growth goal or launching a new product. You can make your milestone in the status update box, then fill in the information. Be sure to add a picture with each one to make it more memorable.


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