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Facebook has experienced a drastic rise on their new users that has become an opportunity for businesses to interact directly to their existing customers and engage in new ones. Facebook announced its launch of Facebook Pages at the end of the year 2007 and have recently launched a revised edition that includes a lot of significant upgrades. There are many ways for businesses to leverage Facebook but their overall branded experience is becoming increasingly integrated to a single offering as the new pages product highlights. These fan pages let you grow as big as you want it to be. You can send updates to a number of people without any limit and stay focused on the business without you revealing the administrator. Techie Group Inc. has their search engine optimization professionals to provide you with great services for your Facebook Fanpage.

Once you have your account as a fan page all set up, here are some tips to make it work:

  • Upload your company logo or business logo, or a photo that includes a web address at the bottom. This will ensure that fans would know where to go if they would want to go to your web site.
  • Complete your info page. You can put a clickable web address, company profile, company mission and your products or you can also create more creative information regarding what you are promoting.
  • You should use tabs wisely. You can provide tabs for newsletters, donations, products, services and others that you want to inform your fans.
  • Put sidebars as well. You can put anything that is in your tabs in your sidebar.
  • Post regularly. Do not forget to update your posts because this is all about content and interaction.
  • Send your fans updates. Send it like emails but do not abuse it and use it wisely to update fans with products and services.


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