Facebook: The Personal Profile vs. The Fan Page

What’s the difference between a Personal Profile and a Fan Page?

A profile is for people and a Page is for companies. With a profile, users must request to be your friend (and then you have to accept them) before they receive content from you in their news feeds. Profiles come with features like Chat and gaming capabilities that are not available to Pages.

To create a profile, you have to sign up for Facebook from the home page with a personal email address, entering your personal information, not the information of your company.

A Page, however, requires a user to hit a button labeled “Like,” and content will start to be visible on his or her news feed. Pages are different as well in the sense that they must be created from an existing account, and different individual people (who have their own profiles) are assigned as admins.

The Personal Profile vs. The Fan Page

If your goal is to market your brand, then you should create a Page. It should originate from the person who will have primary access to it. To create a Page, log in to your profile and click on “Like Pages” in the column on the left. At the top of that page, there should be a green button labeled “+ Create Page.” Facebook will prompt you through the rest. Ideally, there should be more than one person attached to the page as an admin for the purpose of simple checks and balances. Once you have created your Page, you can edit admin settings from your dashboard by clicking “Edit page” at the top and then “Manage Admin Roles.” You should select someone who you trust and who is associated with your brand. Make them a manager to add a level of accountability. Facebook fan page can drive traffic to your website and equal opportunity for your business if you now how to gain and increase your Facebook fans. Fan pages in Facebook can work miracles for you and your business as well as the visibility of your page with all the people who like and share your page. The search engine optimization world has very vast information regarding this topic and Techie Group Inc. will always be ready for some assistance you might need.


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