Definition of Keyword Density


The percentage of times a word or phrase appears compared to the total number of words in a page of the site is called keyword density. With Search engine optimization, keyword density is a factor to know the site is relevant to a particular keyword or phrase. Many experts in search engine optimization take into account the keyword density of 1-3% is more favorable. Using the keywords more than 1-3 per cent can be reported and considered as spam. The number of clicks received by a website based on the exact number of keywords used in content. Furthermore, it is impossible to determine a percentage of completion as the conditions related to the change quickly. The density of the law depends on the highest places provided for the word category. Online marketing of your website without the help is not a sound move. A better option is to consult an SEO company. Global Consultant is one of them that provide the best in the industry.

Finding the most effective use of keywords is only the start of optimizing your site’s content. The next challenge will be, most probably, keyword density: their application in relation to articles, blog or web site content and how you want to do this is crucial for the results you get. If you do not use the keyword as many times, search engines do not pay attention to it, but if too much, you probably consider it junk.

With its AdWords program, Google has a tool that evaluates your website to the appearance of repetition called the Google ranking. You can also calculate it yourself by comparing the total number of words on a page with the number of times a given keyword is visible. Finding the balance is likely to lead to more traffic and a steady growth and continues into your search engine ranking.

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