Tools for SEO Keyword Research

It all begins with words typed into a search engine box.

Keyword Research is one of the most important in search marketing field. Using keyword research can make your professional websites known in many different divisions of online businesses by using high ranked keywords that web users are actively seeking, or by using an essential keywords for your web content requirements for your professional business website.

The goal is not just always getting audience to your website, but the real goal is to get the “RIGHT” audience for your professional website.

Keyword Research can help a lot in your professional websites, Internet marketing strategy and mostly in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It also help in web crawler to distinguish what your website is all about, what provides, serve and what relevancy to searchers/users.

SEO specialist must think of the right keyword for a certain website, choosing a right keyword must be planned for a better SEO results to your website. Keywords must represent your website based on its products and services. For example; your website is a Car Dealing/Selling Company. Its good to think what will web audience will actually type when looking for a Car Dealing/Selling Company to a search engine websites. Good examples of keywords are: car dealers, car for sale, automotive, etc; and it’s also good if you add/include where your company is located like Chicago car dealers, cars for sale in Chicago.

Search marketers increasingly focus less on link building, and more on creating new, fresh and relevant content that people will engage and want to share with others. There have been many more ways of optimizing a website, but many elements remains the same, including the influence of keywords. Keywords will always play an integral part in SEO strategies.

For a short amount of time, SEO has changed so much. Professional SEO specialist here at Techie Group Inc. used tools that will automate some of your day-to-day tasks. The goal is to spend less time doing a task while still giving great results. It’s a must to do research keyword nowadays to compete with other websites for page rank. Here are some of tools that professional SEO specialist use to increase the accuracy, relevancy and profitability of a keyword.

KeywordResearchToolWordtracker is the go-to tool for many Professional SEO marketers. It offers a variety of features designed to target keywords.

Google Keyword Tool a user-friendly tool that shows how simple keyword research could be. Simply enter a word, phrase, or website URL, and it will give you a lists of suggestions along with how famous and more often search a keyword in a search engine.

Bing Keyword Research Tool focuses completely on organic search, it serves suggestions based on language, country, or region for incorporate results.

SpyFu is a great tool for a website with many competitors. This helps you to monitor the keywords other sites are using.

Keyword Discovery is similar to Wordtracker. Keyword Discovery helps you find the best keywords across the globe by gathering data from the top search engines. Give you the ability to view historical trends, effectiveness and keyword bid value.

Micro Niche Finder helps you choose the best keywords for your website. It also identifies keywords that have a high level of competition.

HitTail is specially made for best long tail keywords. This is a great tool especially that Hummingbird update features long-tail keyword and can be crawl effectively. 


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