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Video marketing is combination multimedia such as videos, sounds, images and content to make your marketing campaigns more creative in promoting your company, products or services. Videos are becoming more and more popular, and companies are using its rich media content into their marketing efforts. Using video marketing drives a lot of traffic to a website which will gain a higher chance to earn points in page rank.

Professional marketers use video marketing as one fundamental internet marketing strategy. Studies show that video marketing can increase your Google ranking, conversions, page rank, click through rates and more. Video marketing attracts more audience than other marketing strategies.

The increasing popularity of video production used for content marketing and other promotions such as products and services, price quotes, surveys, demos, free trials, and even e-books are great as a part of your marketing strategy. Professional web marketers prefer to incorporate video marketing to all of the mentioned methods. People are drawn to videos, and it is why video marketing is so effective and highly used by professionals. Here are some reasons why users are drawn to videos.

  • Psychologically, videos makes a user more attentive on what they see. Watching others people face makes us pay attention to every single and small detail. The brain function which programs us to use what we see in other human faces to interpret information and decide how believable something they say.  Rather than watching text scroll by, users want to watch speaking person.
  • The voice of the person on the video can also help on attracting audience. Voice conveys rich information and it keeps the audience attention. It serves as a way to deliver a message and transform boring text into living and breathing content.
  • Videos that present emotions are communicative and brings added advantage of spreading the excitement of the viewers. Body language and emotion that are missing in just reading text is provided through video marketing.
  • It’s true that image can grab attention instantly, but video marketing is better. Movement keeps viewers observation, attention and keeps them engaged in the video that their watching.

Video Marketing on Businesses

Any kind of business can make a difference by using video marketing. Videos are shared more than any kind of content. Video marketing is the most efficient way to spread your message online. Professional video marketer strategist reveals that over half of consumers feel more confident on buying a product or service after watching a video. By any means, businesses of all kinds can make their own videos that shows what products or services they are offering.

Making video marketing a strategy plan for promoting your website is a great idea. But don’t get to exited and just make a video. You should know what to put and show on the video. Some people generally make mistakes on making a video and promoting your website properly. Chris Savage explain the difference of “Marketing With Video” and “Marketing A Video”. Both term are genuinely right, but have a different definition when it comes to video marketing.

  • Marketing a video” is promoting the video itself.
  • Marketing with video” is promoting a website, business, company, organization, etc. using a video. This video presents the contents, products or services or a business.

Here are some other tips for making a video:

  • Sequel. Plan for series of videos.
  • Costumer is always right. Ask what they would find useful.
  • Analytics. Check viewer stats.
  • Branding. Think for a effective branding and production values.
  • Quality. Take your time making a video, don’t rush.


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