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Website ContentProfessional website have their own different web designs and content base on what their page is all about and what audience/costumers they are targeting for. They say content is the king and content is more important than design.

So why does most of SEO Specialist says content is the king?

Users are looking for a useful, helpful, new and fresh content. They come on your web page because of the products and services that you’re offering. Your website must describe what your page is providing and can easily navigate by users. Customers/users are not interested in your design. They don’t care if you’ve built it with CMS such as WordPress or Drupal, etc. They just want a functional, fast, useful professional website. What your customers are coming to your website for is the content. What are the things that they will actually like, things that they’ve think that will help them.

Types of Website Content:

  • Text – Your text content should be original. Useful and freshly new information is always good for users who like to read. When writing blogs, articles or just simple description for your website, be sure that you describe your products or services. So that users/costumers can easily understand.
  • Multimedia – To put it in simple explanation, multimedia is any content that isn’t a text, but includes the following things:
    • Animation
    • Images
    • Sound
    • Video

The best animations for website are done in moderation. You don’t want your visitors/customers to get annoyed by all those moving images while they are reading or looking something on your site. Your images on your web page should be optimized, so that it can be downloaded fast. Images are good way to add interest on your customers/visitors. Sound should not be played automatically when they visit/go to your website. Fact is most website don’t used sound on their page. Videos are getting more popular on websites, especially for website businesses.


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