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Your business website is a display window for your products or services. A bricks-and-mortar store entices passers by with attractive window displays; a business website serves the same function. Once a prospect finds your site, you want them to stay (and return in the future). That’s where we come in. Techie Group Inc. business website designers build effective business websites that reflect your corporate image while offering a pleasing online experience for your customers.

Quality Business Website Redesign. Does your website need a boost? If your website design hasn’t changed in years or you’re not getting leads, it’s time for a change. Techie Group Inc. website designers can recharge an outdated site with engaging, search engine friendly designs that rank high in search results and converts traffic into promising leads. We’ve helped many businesses recoup lost business opportunities with a complete website redesign—we can help you too.

Here are some methods to make your site an enticing place for new visitors and exiting customers:

  • Home page – Visitors should be able to immediately know what yous website is all about.
  • Navigation – Put some work into your website layout. Make sure all important sections are prominently listed and make sure that customers can navigate it easily.
  • Color – Make it simple as possible. Use colors that will compliment on your background so that it will be easily readable. Clashing colors such as blue text and red background will make your text hard to read and will turn off visitors.
  • Sound Good – Website that starts automatic music playing is a turn off for many visitors. If your site have sound, make sure it’s pleasant and easily disabled.
  • Branding – Incorporate elements of your brand into your website, such as logo and company color scheme.
  • Content – If you sell products or services online, provide complete information. If your business is offline, present clear, concise information to get customers to call or email you.
  • Refresh Content – Changing or updating content draws customers back. One easy way to renew your content without a lot of code changes is by starting a blog.
  • External Links – Links that take visitors away from your website should always load in a new window.
  • Be Accessible – Make sure your contact information or a prominent link is at the top or bottom of every page of your website.


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