WATCH OUT: Your Website Speed Could Be Slightly Improved

WebSpeedWebsite speed has a huge effect on SEO and Internet Marketing.  Have you ever experienced clicking a website but it takes time to load or it is difficult to navigate and it can’t be accessed through mobile? These are signs your website needs makeover.

Your business isn’t taking advantage of having responsive web design. Your website is using deprecated codes and it gives you a slow results in your web browser and even in smartphones.  There are advantages of having responsive web design; you can increase your reach to tablet and mobile audiences, it loads faster than old web design styles, easy to navigate and it can accessed through mobile without having zoomed your tablets or smartphones. Responsive web design is easy to reading and navigation with a minimum of re-sizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors.

So why does it matter? Each month there is an increasing amount of people switching from PC’s to tablets and mobile devices to browse the Internet.  It’s now becoming more and more important for web developers and programmers to develop responsive website designs. Having responsive websites are far easier than managing old SEO campaigns.

Does Responsive web design is recommend by Google? Yes, responsive web design is recommended by Google and web developers, because it allows website to deliver a great user-experience across wide range of any devices, and it also makes managing your SEO and Internet Marketing strategy easier.

For these reasons, responsive web design is the best way of getting your website design be improved.


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